It's a Miracle!

Yesterday, the Island King and I headed into the woods to check on a cache that we own and to find another cache nearby.

Since this cache was placed they have built an overpass right across the road leading into the cache.

Which meant we had to figure out another way in.

We pulled off the side of the road, got out the map and for the first time EVER I saw it.

In real map form.

Which was like a lightning bolt strike considering I'm map dyslexic.

We found a new route into the woods and as we were driving through the woods I was watching the map and the GPS and I knew where we were.

I knew where we were!!!!!!

In fact, by the end of the day I knew how to get back out of the woods without even looking at the map.

The Island King was shocked.

And made this proclamation for the world to hear.

I don't know what happened but I think my days of being lost might be over.

Which would be a wonderful thing!