Tower Camp - Target Practice

We haven't been to Tower Camp for a long time so we decided it was time to make the trip.

The Island King had a little work to finish Friday morning so we didn't get up there until after dark Friday night.

Lucky for us we're professionals at setting up our tent in the dark.

And because my husband and son are pyromaniacs we always have fire.

We cooked dinner while the boys shot their BB guns and then spent some time sitting around the fire.

Saturday morning came early and there were hungry boys to feed.

Aside from food, the boys had one thing on their minds.

Shooting the real guns.

The Youngest Island Boy has had a broken mp3 player that he's been saving, saying that he wanted to take it to Tower Camp and shoot it with his Dad's 22.

Which he did.

They found a box of old toys in the old camper my BIL drug up there years ago and picked out some targets.

There were 2 pairs of sunglasses that each of the boys grabbed and a plastic doll the Island King picked.

There was a lot of big talking while the targets were being set up and I gave the boys 2 shots each - for their sunglasses target. One shot for each lens.

The Youngest got ready

And fired off his two rounds.

One out of two ain't bad.

Next was the Oldest's turn.

He fired off his two rounds

And hit...nothing.

Which shocked him considering the fact that he is actually a very good shot.

I couldn't resist teasing him so I took the gun and shot two rounds at the sunglasses.

They didn't move but we all heard the first shot hit something.

The second shot hit nothing.

When we walked down there to see what I'd hit we could see where the bullet went right between the eyes, grazing the tailgate as it went through.


"Who's your Mama now, boy?"

He was pretty good natured about it but I could tell that his teenage self did not like being out shot by his mother. Especially when it's a well known fact that his mother rarely hits anything she aims at.

Every shot he took after that was pure focus - determined not to miss anything he aimed at.

He challenged me several times throughout the weekend but I know when to cash in my chips and leave the table so there was no chance of getting me to try that again.

It was pure damn luck that I shot right between the eyes of the glasses and lucky shots like that don't come very often.

The Island King took his turn and declared he could hit his target with one shot.

Which he did

Disturbing, I know.

Our friend, Shawn, showed up a little later with his arsenal and the boys were even happier.

Between shooting the "really cool guns" the boys spent hours shooting the 22. I have no idea how much ammo they blew through but I know it was a lot.

My BIL came up in the afternoon with his guns and we shot until dark.

There is a lot of video of all of their shooting which should be interesting when I get it put together.

We cooked steaks on the grill, baked potatoes in the fire, roasted marshmellows and told stories around the fire before stumbling off to our tents for some much needed sleep.

It was a day full of boys and their toys - and I loved every minute of it.