Gator in the Woods

One of my favorite things about geocaching is that I see places and things I normally wouldn't have seen.

When you follow a GPS into the woods looking for Tupperware there's no telling what you'll find.

Sunday the Island King and I were up on Eglin checking on a cache we own when we came around a corner and saw something odd next to the road.

We stopped and saw this.

An alligator carcass.

Big gator too.

His head and feet were gone and his skeleton had been picked clean so I guess he's been there for a while.

We don't know if this gator was caught legally, harvested and then dumped or if he was poached.

I called Fish and Game and was told they only investigate fresh kills because by the time the gator reaches the point this one had it's impossible for them to tell much about whether it was a legal catch or not.

I've never run across a full gator skeleton before and after I got over being unhappy about this beautiful dinosaur being killed and dumped like that I decided that having the skeleton would be really cool.

I could put it in the flower bed by my front door - which I think would be awesome.

So I tell the Island King that I want the skeleton and he immediately starts shaking his head no.

He tells me that he doesn't have a gator tag and even though we didn't kill this gator we couldn't prove it and having possession of the bones is a felony.

When I talked to the Fish and Wildlife people I specifically asked about keeping the bones and was told what the Island King had already said...

Even though he's dead it's a felony to have his bones unless I killed him with a state issued tag.

So much for the gator in my flower bed idea.