Our Easter Baby Squirrel

The Island King was at his mother's house on Saturday doing some yard work for her and as he was working a baby squirrel ran out of the bushes and up his leg.

He put the squirrel in a nearby fig tree but the squirrel ran back out of the tree, up the Island King's leg and straight into the pocket of his jacket.

He pulled the squirrel out of his pocket, put it back in the tree and of course it ran back out of the tree.

But this time the squirrel changed targets and ran to the Youngest Island Boy.

The squirrel ran up his leg and then clung to his chest.

They took him inside, gave him some water and found that he had a bloody nose.

What to do with him?

Name him Zippo and bring him home of course.

They brought him home, made him a little nest inside our cat carrier and then spent the rest of the night watching him.

He seemed a little dazed and confused but by the next morning he was wide awake and ready to play.

We took him back to my MIL's house and the kids played with him for awhile before we released him.

We read that it would be best to leave his new "nest" (aka our cat carrier) near where he was found and that he would probably use it for the next few days until he finds somewhere to live.

My inlaws are watching him and he has been exploring a lot and coming back to the carrier less and less.

But he likes humans so if he sees them out in the yard he runs up to them.

Looks like they have a new pet.

Most people do bunnies and chicks for Easter but apparently this is the year of the squirrel for us.