Fat Daddy's In Destin

My nephew's birthday was this weekend and his birthday party was at Fat Daddy's Arcade in Destin.

I've heard about Fat Daddy's for a while but have never been there.


It was like a casino for kids.

I LOVE casinos and felt like I'd walked into heaven.

The place is filled with every game you can imagine, except for Pac-Man and Pinball machines.

I mentioned that to my BIL who laughed and told me I needed to go to a Senior Center if I want to play those games.

On top of the games they sell pizza, soft drinks and $1 beer. Yes, you read that right - $1 beer.

Most games cost a dollar (4 tokens) and then return tickets for points.

The tickets can be cashed in whenever you're ready for all kinds of trinkets and prizes.

A lot of the games were geared towards trying to grab something good - like an X-Box or an Iphone.

My SIL set her sights on an Iphone and spent I don't know how long trying to get hold of it.

She drew the Island King and my BIL in and it was game on.

Until they realized they weren't going to win and then it was time to move on to greener pastures. - like coin trays.

My nephew had a great party

And I beat the Oldest Island Boy at air hockey 3 times in a row!

Tourists are always asking me what there is to do on a rainy day here in Destin and I now have another suggestion to give.

Fat Daddy's was a lot of fun for all of us but expect to drop a bit of money - those Iphone grabbers aren't cheap!