Night Caching and Night Vision

A new night geocache has been put out in Point Washington not too far from our Pet Cemetery cache so we decided to go out and find it.

The Island King, the Youngest Island Boy and I grabbed Buddy the Beagle, hopped into the truck and drove off into the night.

We're pretty familiar with that area so we found the starting point without any trouble.

We followed the trail markers through the woods for a while and spotted the ammo can under a yucca plant.

We signed the log and traded some trinkets and then I decided this would be a great time to try out a new app I found for my phone.

It's a night vision camera and since we were in the middle of the woods in the dark it seemed like a great place to test it out.


We snapped several more shots

And decided that it only works if there is a light pointed onto the subject

I wasn't expecting full on night vision but I got better pictures in the dark with my point and shoot camera and flash.

The Youngest brought his dart gun so we sat in the woods for a while, letting him shoot darts.

We had a good time wandering in the woods, found a cache, blew some darts and uninstalled the night vision camera app.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday night.