Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Redneck Christmas

Every year we look forward to Amnesty Day like kids looking forward to Christmas morning.

Piles of junk lining the streets, just begging to be picked through.

It's true that One man's junk is another man's treasure and over the years we've found all kinds of good stuff.

The Island King has been telling his friend Saul about the stuff we've found and since Amnesty Day was Saturday (meaning the picking gets done Friday night)he decided to come over and go junk picking with us.

The Youngest Island Boy has been going to yard sales with his dad lately and has become an official junk picker just like his father so he was really looking forward to Amnesty Day too.

We left just before dark, trailer hooked to the truck, ready to find all kinds of good stuff.

But as we drove around town we didn't see any piles. No grills, no bikes, no nothing.

Every once in a while we'd come across a pile or two but the streets were just empty.

We did pass one pile though that had these laying in it.

I started thinking about fixing them up for Christmas decorations but the boys had other plans.

"These will make great targets!" "We can paint them like zombies and take them to Tower Camp and shoot them!"

As much as I love Christmas decorations their idea sounded like a lot more fun.

There was some talk of not painting them and just shooting the choir boys but that seems so inherently wrong to me that I had to put my foot down and proclaim that there will be no choir boy shooting allowed.

Zombies are ok though.

My favorite find was this.

I've always wanted a pink flamingo for my yard and now I have one.

We were really disappointed and at the end of the night the Youngest declared this the worst Redneck Christmas ever.

I have to agree - but on the upside - not finding junk to drag home keeps me from having to throw most of it away after it sits in the driveway for a month.
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