Self Portraits

The Island King and I celebrated our anniversary the other day and he called the local water taxi to come take us for a ride around the harbor.

It was so much fun and at one point we wanted to take a picture of ourselves, enjoying the boat ride.

So we leaned in close, held out the camera and snapped a picture.

Good grief - my neck looks as big as my thigh and he has 3 chins!

We have to take another one and the Island King says "Let's tilt our heads down and then our necks won't look so fat".

Well that worked for him but now I have 3 necks.

"Let's look up towards the sky" he says.

It helps if you point the camera at yourself so we tried again.

Daggumit - there are those thigh necks again.

Then the Island King just starts snapping pictures.

At this point we are laughing so hard and the captain is in tears so he offers to take the picture for us.

Right after he snapped the picture I said "I forgot to suck my stomach in" and I swear the Island King and the captain lost it.

They were laughing so hard and I realized that since I was laughing as hard as they were and there was no way I'd be able to suck my stomach in at that point.

I don't know how people take those cute pictures of themselves with their phones because we spent 20 minutes trying and didn't come home with one picture that doesn't need some serious photoshop work.

Common sense tells me that it's the subject matter but I'm going to go with the idea that our camera has some sort of distortion problem - like those mirrors you see in Fun Houses.

That's the story that me and all my necks are sticking with.