Friday, June 22, 2012

Birthday at the Beach

It just so happened that the Youngest Island Boy's birthday fell on a Thursday so Thursday evening we went down to the harbor to watch Thursday night fireworks.

It wouldn't be a birthday without a cake - or in this case cupcakes - but we couldn't get the candles lit because of the wind so we put the cupcakes down in the cooler and lit them.

He enjoyed the unusual presentation.

I'm not sure why but he decided he wanted his brother to make him a human sandcastle.

Hus brother turned him into a sandcastle with head but then their father had to add his two cents worth.

My eleven year old son, the human sandcastle with boobs.

Just as I was snapping this picture a boat full of people pulled up and they got a huge kick out of him, clapping and snapping his picture - which made his day.

As the fireworks started I tried to convince that I'd ordered these special just for his birthday - Real Housewives of Destin style - but he laughed and said "Mom, it's Thursday night. We have fireworks every Thursday night"

He enjoyed them anyway.

After the fireworks all of the boats and people who'd come by car left and it was just us, alone on the beach.

Which is exactly how I like it.

I gave the boys some sparklers, because the Youngest is a pyromaniac and it wouldn't be his birthday if he didn't get to play with fire.

I love the way the sparklers reflected off the water.

The Youngest had a great birthday and we all enjoyed an evening on the beach.

Life is good.
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