Birthday Dinner

Because the Island Boy's birthdays are only 6 days apart my parents usually come over one evening in between their birthdays and take them out to dinner.

We get to go too.

This year my Mom wanted to eat at Red Lobster in Fort Walton Beach so off we went Tuesday evening to meet them.

Can you tell which member of my family is the hungriest?

And which one is just excited to see his grandparents and aunt and uncle?

While we were standing outside the Island King noticed a To Go bag that had been left near the railing.

All of us cringed when we saw the bag because we knew what was coming.

Only family outrage kept him from opening the box and sampling someone else's leftovers.

Sigh. It's a quirk of his that I just can't make go away.

We had about a 20 minute wait which gave the boys time to open presents and visit.

The restaurant is in a wonderful location right on Santa Rosa Sound and the view is spectacular.

The boys each had cake and ice cream while we sang Happy Birthday to them.

They were both embarrassed until they tasted the cake and then it was all good.

It was a fun night and we're glad Aunt S and Uncle G were able to come.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!