White Point Recreation Area

On the north side of Choctawhatchee Bay, right where the Mid-Bay bridge comes across is a beautiful 85 acre recreational area owned by the military.

There is a campground, a huge beach and acres of woods to wander.

Several geocaches are hidden in White Point so we've been over there a few times but have never gone over to spend time at the beach.

On Sunday we wanted to go to the beach but at the same time didn't want to deal with the millions of other people who had the same idea so the Island King suggested we ride across the bridge and check out the beach at White Point.

Sounded good to me. Recreation passes from Jackson Guard are required for all non-military people using the park but since we spend so much time on the Reservation we always have a current pass.

We pulled in and realized we'd hit paydirt.

We can drive the truck right up to the beach and then decide whether to sit in the shade under the trees or out in the sun at the water's edge.

And there are only a handful of people on the whole beach.


We spent time walking the beach, sitting in the shade and fishing.

The Island King's idea of a perfect day.

We were treated to hundreds of low osprey flyovers which were spectacular. As usual my wildlife photography skills failed and I have no pictures of them.

I did get a good shot of their nest, though.

Probably because the nest sat perfectly still for me.

We also found a string of hatched whelk eggs.

So glad to see these are still doing well here.

We talked to several fishermen while we were there and they all talked of catching red fish and trout so that set the boys on fire and they were determined to catch dinner.

Unfortunately bait fish seemed to be in short supply and this pin fish is the only thing they caught.

But the Oldest Island Boy put him on the hook and spent over an hour trying his best to catch something.

He never did catch anything but he sure did enjoy his time out there trying.

As we were leaving the Island King said "I've found a new favorite spot"

I agree - this place is awesome and we'll definitely be back.

But I think we'll bring bait next time.