Appetizers at Dewey Destin's HarborSide Restaurant

As you walk along the Destin harbor you'll notice an abundance of restaurants, all offering harbor side seating and promising fresh seafood.

Everyone has their favorite place and mine is Dewey Destin's HarborSide Restaurant.

As the name implies, this is one of the "old Destin" families and from the moment you arrive you feel right at home. Southern hospitality combined with local seafood and old family recipes makes for a wonderful time.

You can relax out front, in the shade of the oak trees growing along the harbor

Or, you can sit harborside and enjoy the view.

The Island King and I stopped in one afternoon not long ago for an appetizer and a cold beer.

I love Dewey's Smoked Tuna Dip and we enjoyed every bite.

As we were leaving we passed the bus tray and as soon as I saw the food that had been emptied in there I knew the Island King wouldn't be able to resist.

I turned around and caught him redhanded.

I swear I cannot take that man anywhere! He's like one of those old dogs that you spend years trying to train but it just never works.

He does make life interesting though.