Nature's Green Army Men

If you have children and have ever stepped on a Green Army Man in the middle of the night you know the intense pain that follows.

Piercing, stepping on nails, kind of pain.

But did you know that Mother Nature has created her own Green Army Men?

Wherever pine trees are growing along the edge of the Bay there are a LOT of these buried just below the surface of the sand.

So, you're walking along the bay and then this happens.

And oddly, the pain of stepping on one of these is exactly the same as the pain inflicted by stepping on a Green Army Men.

As we were wandering around White Point the other day the Island King kept stepping on them and at one point told me that walking up near the trees was like walking through our house in the dark.

Dangerous and filled with landmines.

I wish I could deny it but he's right - if you walk through my house in the middle of the night without turning on a light you will more than likely step on or run into something.

The good news is that a burglar won't make it 5 feet inside our house before a Green Army Man takes him down.