Spear Making

After watching some show on the Discovery Channel, the Island King decided he wanted to make a spear.

And because the Youngest Island Boy likes anything sharp and pointy he wanted to help.

They took an old piece of metal out of the garage

And then cut the ends to a point.

The Youngest sat down with a file and went to work making it sharp.

While the Island King found a wooden pole and shaved down the end.

They tied the two together with a piece of paracord and taa-daa...

A spear.

Well that's great. Now what to do with this new spear?

Give it to a young boy to throw in the woods, of course.

I'm sure it won't be long before they'll be up on Eglin Reservation trying to spear chuck a wild hog.

I've already made it clear that I will not be nursing whatever injury occurs.