The Tiny Boat

Most evenings you can see this tiny boat puttering around Destin harbor.

I fell in love with it the first time I saw it and so when the owner parked the boat just down the beach from us I had to go talk to him.

He got the hull from a friend and then built the rest by hand.

The dog is afraid of noise so the owner wanted the boat to be very quiet so the dog would ride on it.

A tiny electric trolling motor does the trick.

He uses motorcycle lights instead of marine lights because they were significantly cheaper and they run on a much smaller battery and are actually much brighter than marine lights.

After owning the boat for 6 years he's only had to change his battery twice.

Not bad - especially in salt water.

I asked if he has considered building more to sell but he said no that it was too much work. He enjoyed building this one but doesn't want to do it again.

As we were walking away the Island King said that he doesn't understand why I would want a boat that was only big enough for one person.

Bless his heart.

I guess you have to be a Mom to understand.