Why Don't Our Brains Come With A Censor Button?

Recently, the Island King and I were on a photo shoot for a client and the homeowner was there.

Have you ever met someone who immediately gave you the creeps?

I'm not being mean but there was something about this woman that sort of creeped me out from the moment I met her.

I can't explain it but the woman was just a little on the scary side.

She walked us through the house and then left.

The Island King shot the house and then walked out to the beach to take some exterior and scenery pictures and I walked around to the driveway to wait on him.

Which is when the homeowner returned.

With her "friend" Jakie.

Jakie was at least 20 years younger than her, had a body odor about him that I could smell across the driveway and 2 teeth.

I had no choice but to stand there and chat with them while the Island King finished the shoot and at some point in the conversation she mentioned the elevator in her house.

She leered at Jakie and said "Jakie hasn't seen the elevator yet. I'll have to show it to him in a bit"

She was drooling and leering at Jakie and Jakie was leering back and grinning like the village idiot.

Which is when it happened.

A mental picture flashed into my head. A very scary, ugly picture.


And it appears to be a picture that can't be erased because every once in a while it just shows up - completely uninvited.

It's too bad that our brains don't know what's coming and can't block things like they do on television.

Because I'm pretty sure Jakie and the elevator will be with me forever.