Don't Hang Anything on the Sprinkler

When we got to Orlando Saturday night we checked into the La Quinta right outside of the entrance to the college.

I'd been sitting in the room for a few minutes when I saw this on the wall next to the sprinkler.

Hmmm. I've never seen one of those warnings before and I went closer to see if I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

Yep. Right next to the sprinkler is a warning about clothes hangers.

The Island King, Island Girl and I all commented that the sprinkler is up so close to the ceiling that it was hard to believe someone would stand on the bed to hang something up there.

The very next morning we were standing in the Island Girl's dorm room and my Uncle sees a sprinkler on the wall above her dresser and says...

"Whatever you do, don't hang anything on that sprinkler up there. We were staying at the Navy Lodge one time when a young wife decided to do her husband's laundry. She put a shirt on a hanger then reached up and hung the hanger on the sprinkler."

He then tells us that caused every sprinkler in the place to go off, the building had to be evacuated, the fire department had to come, and the poor young wife got into quite a bit of trouble.

We laughed and told him about seeing the warning last night and wondering if anyone has actually done that.

Turns out they have.