Sunday, August 26, 2012

Isaac Watch

We've been watching Tropical Storm Isaac for the past few days and Destin is always in the potential path.

The 11:00 advisory Saturday night showed this

When you zoom in you get this

We've gotten our supplies - batteries, gas for the generator, food, alcohol...

And we've picked up the loose stuff in the yard so now we are in "wait" mode.

We won't know if we are boarding up the windows until we see how strong the storm will be.

Right now I've read in 3 different places that we'll get 1.) A tropical storm 2.) a Cat 1 3.) a high Cat 2 - almost a 3.

Which tells me that they don't know and we have to wait and see how Isaac behaves in the Gulf.

I'm putting my money on a Cat 2 but I'd rather have a nice low Cat 1.

I usually get really freaked out over hurricanes but for some reason I am really calm about this one.

Probably because I don't ever want to go through another hurricane in a ratty motel on the side of the interstate in Alabama like I did with Ivan.

So we're waiting, watching and hoping Isaac comes through quick and leaves very little damage in his wake.

Keep your fingers crossed!
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