The Bear in Point Washington

One of the top 5 things on my bucket list is to see a bear in the wild.

Not a Grizzly or Polar bear, just a non-aggressive, Florida Black bear.

Every single time I go into the woods, the first thing I say is "I sure hope we see a bear"

Even though I spend a lot of time in the woods, I have NEVER seen one.

I've seen bear poop, but no bears.

On Wednesday, the Island King was out in Point Washington on a photo shoot and as he was on his way home he saw several cars stopped in the middle of the road. He looked around and standing right there on the side of the road was a bear!

He pulled over, got out and tried to get a picture of him.

Of course by that time the bear had started walking down a trail and was much farther away from the road.

But, as you know, neither one of us has much luck in the wildlife photography world and since the sun was setting behind the bear, the picture he got looks more like one of those "Is that Sasquatch"? photos.

The bear was walking away from him and he slowly started to follow.

Until the bear stopped and looked over his shoulder at the Island King.

Which caused the Island King to stop and slowly start to back up.

The bear took off running on down the dirt road and was gone.

The Island King did manage to get some good pictures of his tracks. Which is par for the course for us.

He made this video while he was out there and it cracks me up every time I watch it.

Am I the only one who sees Barney Fife?