Sunday, September 30, 2012

How To Give Yourself A Flattop Haircut - or not...

The Island King has been saying for years that he wants a 1950s style flattop haircut.

He’s got weird hair that as it grows gets bigger. And it defies gravity because it does not grow down – only up and out.

He can rock an Afro like nobody’s business.

So, knowing that his hair grows straight up, I think a flattop might work on him.

I saw on old picture of his grandfather (who he looks just like) with a flattop and I liked the look.

But…we’ve been told by the best hairstylist in Northwest Florida - Deborah Ward Sharp of Deborah Ward’s CuttinLoose Salon - that the flattop is the hardest haircut to do and that you require special training for that cut.

Deborah has that training and I’ve been telling him that he needs to go over there and let her do it.

He’s hem-hawed around and hasn’t gone and his hair has once again gone into full ‘fro mode.

Until last night when I was sitting at my computer and he jumped up and declared it hair cutting time.

Right now? I’m in the middle of something and can’t he wait a little while?

He didn’t like that answer so he stomped out of the room saying “Fine. I’ll do it myself.”

That statement might make some people feel guilty and they’d get up and go help him.

It doesn’t work that way on me. I told him to “knock yourself out” and went back to what I was doing.

Twenty minutes later he walked into the office proclaiming that he’d just given himself a flattop AND made a ‘how to’ video – all at the same time.


He’s not upset at all and seems to think that he’s done a “relatively good job”

I’ve shown him these pictures but he’s fixated on a small patch of hair on the front of his head that has a vague flattop look.

I sure hope we don’t hear the National Anthem anytime soon because that man is NOT allowed to take his hat off in public!

If there was ever any doubt about which one of us is the craziest, this video should clear that right up

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