Monday, September 3, 2012

Hurricane Isaac Debris at James Lee Park in Destin

Between the Island King and I, we've seen a lot of weird debris wash ashore after a storm churns up the Gulf.

But today, the Island King and his friend, Saul, came home talking about seeing the oddest debris field they'd ever seen and that I should go out there with them to see it.

These two have seen many things in the "oddities washed ashore" category so when they told me it was worth seeing I jumped at the chance and off to see it we went.

A lot of seaweed has washed ashore all along the beach but in front of the Crab Trap was a stretch of beach about 100 yards long filled with the biggest debris pile I've ever seen.

Nowhere else along the beach in Destin had this happened.

Normal seawood yes, a ton of trash, no.

Some of the things found had obviously been in the water for quite some time and right next to them would be something much newer.

Goggles, masks, sunglasses, hats - just a ton of stuff.

But only in this small area.

One thing that caught my eye immediately was the shocking amount of Devil's Purses or more accurately, skate egg cases.

Hundreds and hundreds of them everywhere you looked.

Sadly, they were all still large and soft, meaning none of the eggs had hatched before they were wrapped in the seaweed and washed up on the beach.

Another odd thing about the debris was that it seemed to wash up in sections.

Cans in one stretch, next were goggles and masks, followed by all of the plastic water bottles.

Very strange.

I have no idea what happened to drag all of that trash into one spot. Seaweed is coming in thick all along the beach but only this spot has more than a random old can or water bottle.

I asked Saul to make a video of all of it while I picked and poked around - looking for an interesting treasure from the sea.

I found one lone Scotch Bonnet, which is my Mother's favorite shell, so I was right about treasure.

Watch the video. I've seen a lot debris washed up but nothing like this all in one small spot.

Thanks Saul!
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