Hurricane Isaac Debris at James Lee Park Gone!

Yesterday I showed you a video of the bizarre trash pile that washed ashore in front of the Crab Trap at James Lee Park.

An amazing spot filled with every kind of human trash you can imagine, most of it tightly wrapped in seaweed.

And a horrendous amount of dead Skate Egg Cases, or as we call them, Deadman's Purse.

It's not a stretch to imagine the wheels that were turning over at Sandman's place. This has to be cleaned up immediately, which means tractors, trailers and at least 2 dump trucks.

Not to mention the manpower.

Tuesday morning dawned and Chris, one of the tractor drivers, was out cleaning the beach be and he planned to go around the debris field until a the boss man came up with a plan.

But as he drove up to the debris he saw that a community effort had already begun.

I wish I had pictures but there were people coming out of the houses and condos, and off the boardwalks, picking trash out of the seaweed and bagging it up.

The beach attendants got in on it, Chris stopped the tractor, pitched in and in about an hour all of the trash had been pulled out of the seaweed and put into and around the trash cans.

Chris was then able to drive the cleaner over the mound of seaweed, picking up a lot of the really nasty stuff and when he finished the beach looked like this.

I was AMAZED when the Island King sent me the pictures and told me what happened.

And SO proud of the people on the beach Monday morning, picking up the trash.

I despise litter bugs and it really makes me proud that in an impromptu moment a group of strangers pitched in and cleaned it up.

My hat is off to all of you who picked that mess up. Thank you from everyone here!