Christmas Cheer at Destin Commons

We decided to go out to Destin Commons tonight to wander around and soak up a little Christmas cheer.

They have a huge, beautiful Christmas tree in the middle that changes colors

The cutest little train

And a fountain that goes on and off – not to music but still in a random type pattern

The Island King and the Youngest Island Boy stood there watching it for a few minutes and then the Island King said “I think we’ve figured out the pattern and can run out to the middle, stand there while the fountains are on and then run back when they go off”

Ok, give that a shot.

They counted to three and the Island King took off.

He made it to the middle before the water came back on and then managed to stand in just the right spot and not get a drop of water on him.

He waited for the water to stop again and ran back out.

Amazingly, he didn’t have a drop of water on him.

Of course he immediately wanted to know why the Youngest chickened out on him.

The Youngest said “Your plan sounded good but I didn’t really think it would work”

He’s a smart boy.