Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beehive in Point Washington State Forest

I’ve always been fascinated with beekeeping - but in a stand way back and watch kind of way.

I think the science of beekeeping and the reward from it is amazing but to actually get that close to that many bees kind of freaks me out.

I’m not scared of bees but the idea of more than one or two landing on me at once (even if I had on a beekeeper’s suit) would not go over well.

I’ve read that at least one beekeeper from our area uses land in Point Washington State Forest to house his bees and the other day while the Island King and I were out checking on one of our geocaches we came across a hive.

It was surrounded by an electric fence because bears in the forest will steal all of the honey and completely disrupt a hive, causing problems for the hive owner.

I studied the hive, from a distance, thought about fresh honey, and came to the final conclusion that I unless I become friends with a beekeeper I will forever be buying honey.

Because, aside from the bees, I’m almost positive I would shock myself on the electric fence at least a dozen times. 

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