Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gone to the Woods

After months of trying to get to Tower Camp we were able to get away and spend the weekend up there.

Home sweet home.

It is so peaceful and relaxing up there that I can feel any stress melt away as soon as we hit the trail to the camp.

There was a full moon Saturday night and the light in the field was amazing.

I can sit and stare at a fire for hours and luckily my boys have inherited that and as long as I let them put wood on it, they're content to sit and watch it too. 

Yes, he is a seriously shaggy headed boy.

 I am not a morning person but there is something about waking up in the woods that changes that.

I love to watch the sun come up and watch the light break through the trees. 

And the Island King always cooks me breakfast in the woods - which is not something he does at home.

One of the best things about Tower Camp is that we have a shooting range set up and are able to target shoot until our heart's content - or we run out of ammo - whichever comes first. 

We always have company on Sunday with friends and family coming up to enjoy the range.

These two love shooting the "real guns" but are perfectly content to spend hours pinging cans with their BB guns. 

I'm always sad when it's time to leave but I'm already planning our next trip so I have every intention of being back up there very soon. 

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