Friday, January 25, 2013

Very Bad Ju-Ju

I've always had a thing for old bricks and rocks from interesting places as well as small pieces of flotsam and jetsam from here and there.

After Hurricane Isaac I was poking through some of the debris that the guys picked up off the beach and I came across several pieces of an aircraft.

Yellow aircraft.

Whoa – I think these are small pieces of the War Bird that crashed into the Gulf last year.

The Island King insists they are pieces of a drone from Eglin but I don’t believe that for a minute.

Immediately I knew I wanted a piece or two.

In hindsight, I can see where wanting to have them may seem odd, but at the time I was thinking that it would be cool to have a piece of one of those beautiful old planes and it would be sort of a remembrance of watching him fly over my house and along the beach.

I put a piece on the porch and the other two along the wall outside of my office.

Today, I had another of those hindsight moments.

From about the time Isaac swung past us, things have been on a downhill decline.

Our business spiraled the drain all through the rest of the year, making life very stressful.

I was hopeful that the New Year would bring great change. 13 has always been my lucky number so I figured that 2013 had to be my lucky year.

On January 1st I suffered a traumatic event that I still don’t want to talk about, business became nonexistent and then we caught Norovirus – which is a curse all it’s own.

Last night I was sitting at my desk and a light bulb went off.

The pieces of airplane are the Mattie Kelly bricks all over again. I have brought bad ju-ju to my house.

I told the Island King what I was thinking and of course he rolled his eyes and said “I don’t think it’s airplane – I think it’s drone.”

But the Oldest Island Boy was sitting there and the first thing he said was “So you brought home pieces of an airplane that people died in and put them on the porch?”

He said it with such shock that I realized he’s absolutely right. I found pieces of an airplane crash that took two people’s lives and brought it home!

What was I thinking?

And how do I get rid of them?

My first thought was return them to the bottom of the sea. I could kayak way out past the second sandbar and drop them overboard.

My second thought was that I don’t throw stuff in the Gulf and it would probably wash ashore and end up cutting some kid’s foot.

Just throwing them in the trash can didn’t seem right either.

At this point, my husband just wants me to shut up so he says “take them up to the warehouse and put them in the dumpster. That’s where all of the other pieces we picked up went and that’s where these pieces were when you found them.”

Five minutes later the pieces were being thrown in the dumpster at the warehouse.

Things turned around when I took the bricks back so I think tomorrow is going to be the beginning of a really good year.

Or, not.

I really do have to learn to stop picking up stuff like that. 
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