Monday, January 14, 2013

We Met The World Guy

Have you heard of the World Guy?

Erik Bendl is walking around the country to raise awareness for diabetes, and he does it with a giant world ball and a dog named Nice.

I read that he was in the area the other day and then Saturday we were driving down Hwy 30A in South Walton County and there he was.

He was stopped, talking with a couple on bicycles so we turned around, went back and met him.

He has walked an amazing 7,000 miles and his dog, Nice, has done 6,000 of those with him. There are only a few states he hasn’t walked in, a couple in the Midwest and a few of the mountain states.

He gladly stops and talks with people about his journey and diabetes awareness as well as maintaining a daily blog of his journey.

If you have a minute check him out – he seems like a fascinating man.

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