Monday, February 4, 2013

Google Earth

I loved Google Earth when I first discovered it. There are so many places in the world I’ve never been and to be able to “sightsee” from the comfort of my home was awesome.

Then they added their street view and you can basically walk down a street and see whatever there is to see.

I thought that was cool too.

The Island King, on the other hand, says he feels like he’s being watched and doesn’t like it.

The other night we were talking about the Google Earth cars that drive around getting those street views and I mentioned that I passed one of those cars a couple of years ago.

The Youngest Island Boy asked where I was when I passed it, got on my computer and in less than a minute or so pulled this up of Google Earth.

That is me, driving across the Shalimar bridge in Fort Walton Beach – 2 years ago.


And since I’ve seen this picture I keep hearing Michael Jackson singing Somebody’s Watching Me.

Maybe the Island King is right and Big Brother is hard at work.
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