Pedestrians Do NOT Have the Right of Way

What I am about to say may make some people mad - but I’m gonna say it anyway.

The myth that “Pedestrians Have the Right of Way” is the biggest piece of propaganda our government ever put out there.

In my neck of the woods, people just wander on and off the highway, sometimes in a cross walk but more often than not they are just plain old jaywalking.

And they do it because of the misconception that they have the right of way.

Do they not realize that them having the right of way means nothing when they are hit by a 2 ton moving vehicle?

Having the right of way just means that your family will win in Civil Court after your death.

Good for them.

For you? Not so much.

I’m not talking about residential neighborhoods or store parking lots, I’m talking about strolling across Hwy 98 (not in a cross walk) where the speed limit is 45mph, because you are convinced cars will stop.


And then to promote this ridiculous notion, the DOT puts up signs like this one.

As you can see – there is no crosswalk and there is a nice wide sidewalk, well away from the road.

I think it’s time for people to stop believing the myth that they have the right of way and remember what their mothers taught them…

Watch Out For Cars!