Plastic Town – Revisited

Geocaching can take you to the coolest places and we visited one of them on Saturday.

Hidden somewhere in a tiny town on Eglin Reservation is a cache I wanted to find. I found a different cache in the same town many years ago but between then and now that area was closed to the public so we were only able visit the town once.

That area was reopened not long ago and a new cache was hidden. This was our chance to get back out there and wander around. 

Plastic Town is a quiet little village but not exactly what you'd expect after seeing it on Google Earth.

As you walk up the dirt road to town you're surprised to see - no town. 

The military has set up giant white plastic tarps in the shape of a city.

On the ground you can't even tell that it's laid out like a city but from above, there it is. 

According to satellite images, I'm standing in the middle of Main Street. 

Truly a case of “looks can be deceiving”