Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Redneck Island

My sister sent this to the Island King and I on Facebook the other day.

For the life of me I don’t know why she thought of us.

We’d never heard of it but from what we saw on the flyer it looked like the redneck version of Survivor – which is something the Island King would probably excel at.

We couldn’t make it to the casting call at the Flora-Bama but saw on the Redneck Island website that you could submit an application online.

The more he thought about it, the more the Island King wanted to do it.

If he’s serious about this we need to find out just exactly what he’d been getting himself into.

We found this clip on Youtube


We then found that you can watch full episodes here.

So we watched one.

He’s smiling and nodding his head and telling me that there is no doubt he could win the 100k.

No way, dude!

I will say that the Island King has excellent survival skills, is a proud, card carrying Redneck, drives a 4wd truck, is relatively wise and can drink more beer and still be standing – and functioning - than any human on the planet.

Sad but true.

He sees these things as his ticket to winning this game.

What he doesn’t see is the man who has a bad shoulder, a knee that is teetering on the edge of surgery, various aches and pains and who gets winded walking around the block.

Those boys on that show are half his age and in pretty good physical condition.

Yes, he could out smart and out drink them but they’d be carrying his broke self right off that island and to an ER after the first challenge.

I may have him convinced because last night he told me that we need to find a version that doesn’t require a lot of physical ability so he can compete too.

“You mean like a geriatric version?”

He looked shocked and asked if I really thought he needed to be on a geriatric version.

“Honey, you ain’t old but you ain’t buff”

I don’t know where that came from and now I can’t stop telling him that because it makes me giggle.

If anybody hears of a Redneck Survivor for old people let me know. I might have a winner.
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