The Walking Dead Episode 10

I am so hooked on this show that I’ve decide to blog about it because otherwise this all just bounces around in my head all week.

So here we go.

I have to start with Andrea.

What on earth is wrong with that woman? The Governor holding Walker/Gladiator fights should have been a warning that things weren’t quite right in Woodbury but I think she wanted the security and normalness Woodbury offered so she overlooked that “side” of the Governor.

Him keeping his walker daughter chained up like that was creepy but understandable in a sick sort of way.

But zombie heads in fish tanks? Really? Is it possible to be so incredibly stupid that big red warning flags don’t go off?

I would love for Andrea to plot against the Governor, eliminate him and take over Woodbury herself. She knows survival by now, could put together a “real” army of guards and make Woodbury a good town.

Unfortunately, I just don’t think the poor girl is that smart.

And then there’s Rick. Bless his heart. He has completely gone off the deep end. He tells Hershel that he’s waiting for Lori to come to him with “the answer.”

I personally believe that someone needs to knock Rick over the head, drag him to a bed in the prison and keep him knocked out for at least 72 hours.

He’s got crazy and sleep deprivation going on at the same time and that just can’t possibly end well.

The Island King believes that Rick is sleep deprived and haunted by the fact that he didn’t tell Lori he loved her before she died.

I’m not so sure. He hasn’t bonded with the baby at all – which seems strange as she would be a connection to Lori. So I’m wondering if he thinks the baby is Shane’s and is waiting for Lori to confirm or deny that.

Either way, it’s time for someone to relieve him of his ‘in charge’ position and make him take a nap.

Daryl is back!!!! I can not tell you happy that makes me!

So, their daddy beat him and Meryl and Meryl ran off but left his little brother behind – who got beat too.

Turns out Daryl has issues with Meryl that we didn’t know about.

I was worried that once he was back with Meryl he might lose his humanity but him saving those folks on the bridge, not only from the Walkers but from Meryl as well proved it won’t.

Glen and Maggie?

I just don’t know. Yes, she was humiliated and almost raped and yes he had the crap beat out of him and couldn’t protect his woman but I just am not getting it.

I can see Glen wanting to go and kill the Governor. That’s a typical man response – even when there isn’t a Zombie Apocalypse.

But is Maggie mad at him for not protecting her? Maybe I’m missing something or not giving enough weight to what the Governor did to her but I’m lost.

I love Glen and hope he doesn’t end up getting himself killed over this.

The attack took me by complete surprise.

Poor Axel, he was growing on me in an odd little man sort of way.

And Carol? That poor woman just can’t have anything good happen to her.

When the van slammed through the gate I had no idea what was going to happen and almost fell out of my chair when the Walkers started streaming out.

As much as I don’t like the Governor, that was a brilliant idea! A Walker Bomb!

Woohooo!! I yelled like a girl when Daryl came to Rick’s rescue.

I am so glad he’s back – even if that means that Meryl is with him. Daryl is who they need as a leader at this point and frankly I want him and Carol together.

And last but certainly not least is Michonne. I LOVE this woman!

Her coming across that field towards the Walkers with her Samurai Sword?

That is one bad a$$ b!tch.  I can’t believe Andrea trusted the Governor over her. Yes, she seems to have some issues but she is all about surviving and she doesn’t take advantage of people doing it.

I seriously wish these were 2 hour episodes. Just when we get to the point where I’m on the edge of my seat, yelling at the tv, it’s over.

Did you see the look on Rick’s face at the very end? We thought he was crazy earlier…

That’s one way to guarantee I won’t miss next week’s episode.