Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Really Bad Ju-Ju

The Youngest Island Boy and I were coming home from the store last night and as we came around the corner near our house we saw a giant pile of stuff out by the road next to some people’s trash can.

The first thing the Youngest said was “Whoa, look at all of that stuff!”

The first thing I said was “Do not tell your father!”

Everyone knows the Island King is a hoarder and that he LOVES to pick through trash piles. I’ve been trying to get some spring cleaning done and the last thing I wanted was for him to cart home a bunch of junk.

Unfortunately, the Youngest has inherited his father’s passion for junk and the minute we got home he told his father about the giant pile of stuff around the corner.

And off they went.

I don’t have to tell you that they didn’t come home empty handed.

But in this case, I was relatively happy with what they brought home.

I am always looking for bins and storage containers so I considered this a pretty good find.

Except for a black, hard plastic, box.

The box looked useful until I heard the Youngest freak out.

“MOM!!!!” “Come look at this!”

The poor kid was practically hyperventilating and had turned a really odd shade of green.

I picked up the box and you won’t believe what that white label says.

“Cremated Remains of (I’m deleting the name for privacy) January 25, 2013”

The box was empty but this is apparently the box that the ashes were put in by the mortuary and then given to the family.


The Youngest is wringing his hands and saying “This is bad ju-ju.”

It only takes me a second to say “I want this box out of my house – RIGHT NOW”

Haven’t we learned anything?

And now we have this.

So I tell the Youngest that since he carried it down here, he’s the one who has to go put it back in the trash pile it came from.

He wasn’t happy about having to touch the box again but he took it back and when he got home he kept saying “I can’t believe that just happened”

I looked right at him and said “I told you not to tell you father about that pile”

There are two ways to bring bad ju-ju into a home. One is to bring home stuff you shouldn’t and the other is to disobey your mother. 
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