Sunday, March 10, 2013

Take Your Wife to Work Day

Unless the Island King has a really busy schedule, I try not to go with him on his photo shoots.

I enjoy spending time with him but watching someone take pictures of a house gets boring in under 5 minutes. The average shoot takes him about an hour so there is 5 minutes of interesting and 55 or more minutes of boring.

I enjoy walking around and looking at the houses he shoots but that only takes a couple of minutes and then I’m left with nothing to do.

Friday, he only had 2 shoots scheduled but the second one was out in Watercolor and there just happen to be a few new geocaches in Pt Washington – which is right up the road from Watercolor.

Hmm. He could finish that second shoot and then off into the woods we could go. 

It is Friday after all. 

So I declared it to be Take Your Wife to Work Day and off we went. 

The first shoot was a small condo so I enjoyed this.

 While he worked and we were in and out quickly.

We had some time between shoots so when we got to Seaside we stopped to find a cache hidden at one of the beach accesses. 

It’s funny to drive all the way out to Seaside and end up at Pensacola Beach Pavilion.

But it’s at the end of Pensacola Street so I guess it makes sense to name it Pensacola Beach Pavilion.

This was supposed to be an easy cache but I ended up climbing up, over and under everything in sight.

Like most geocaches, this one wasn’t hard to find once I stepped back and actually looked around.

The next shoot on the schedule was a huge house that I knew would take about an hour and a half to shoot so I went in, helped him open blinds and turn on all of the lights and then off I went.

Watercolor is a really pretty community at the east end of Scenic Hwy 30A in South Walton County and surrounds a finger of Western Lake.

Which is where I went.

These rare coastal lakes are so beautiful and I seem to gravitate towards them whenever we are out that way.

I found myself in front of The Boathouse, watching Yolo boarders heading out for an afternoon paddle.

These lakes are perfect for Yolo or kayaking.

After wandering for a while it was time to pick him up and we were officially done with work for the day.

Well, technically, he finished work but that’s just a formality.

It’s play time!

Into the woods we went and found four of the new caches. 

The last cache we found was my favorite.

I thoroughly enjoyed Take Your Wife to Work Day and hope to do it again soon. 

Turns out real estate photography isn't boring at all - if you do it right.  
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