The Walking Dead Episode 12

This week’s Walking Dead confused me.

The town Rick is from is not that far from the prison?

Maybe it’s just me but he has said several times that “we found a prison.” Wouldn’t he, as an LEO, know where the Georgia State Penitentiary was located? Or any other prison in his area?

That whole thing just struck me as odd.


I was so happy to see him. I always wanted him and his son to catch up with Rick.

Looking at the walls in his hideout it was easy to tell that Morgan had gone crazy but I was adamant that when he woke up they should take him (and all of his weapons) back to the prison.

I felt like some time spent with other people to talk to would bring him around a little and while he might still be crazy he would at least be a loyal member of the group.

And he certainly has the art of booby trapping Walkers down pat.

Even after he woke up, recognized Rick and told him the story of his wife eating his son because he was too weak to shoot her, I thought there still might be a chance for him.

Until he said he had to stay to “Clear.”  Once he said that it was obvious that no amount of socialization was going to help him.

Poor Morgan is long gone.

I loved Carl going to get the picture of Lori for his sister. It’s been a while since he’s shown any emotion and it was nice to see him as a kid again. 

Michonne has earned her place in the group! I cannot tell you how much I like that woman. If I were in any kind of tight situation, she’s who I would want to have my back.

I just don’t know what to think about the hiker. Should they have helped him?
Seeing his body on the side of the road made me wonder if he could have been a productive member of their group.

I’m glad I’m not the one who had to make the decision not to help him.