The Walking Dead Episode 13

Am I the only one who felt like they’d missed an episode when this week’s show started?

I know Andrea said – 2 weeks ago – that Rick and the Governor should meet but I just felt like I’d missed something leading up to the meeting.

The Governor freaks me out. “Sociopath” just comes off of him in waves. Although, when Andrea burst into the warehouse and the Governor made it clear that she’s an idiot and told her to leave, I really liked him for a minute.  

I was worried about Rick. He appears to be holding it together – but just barely and the man could snap at any moment.

It was no surprise when the Gov went after him with a sad story of a poor, dead wife but when he started talking about Judith possibly being Shane’s baby I almost fell out of my chair!

The fact that Andrea shared intimate details like that with the Gov blew me away. I knew she was stupid but that seems downright calculating. And cold.

I have to admit, I felt true pleasure watching her sit outside realizing that she is a fool.

Then there’s Milton “the Butler.”

Until this show I wrote him off as a harmless follower of the Gov but he was so incredibly creepy that I began to wonder if he might be more of a threat than we know.

As repulsive as Merle is I have to agree with him. They need to kill the Gov and they need to do it immediately. Not that I think they should run off half cocked but I do think they need to put together some sort of Special Ops plan and take him out. Soon!

Andrea got into the truck with the Gov. Really? She knows what he did, Hershel told her she could come with them and she GOT INTO THE TRUCK AND WENT BACK WITH THE GOV!

Honestly, that woman is just taking up oxygen. The preview for next week makes it look like she finally gets a clue but I don’t, for a minute, believe she’ll be helpful in any situation. She’s wishy-washy and beyond stupid.

The end left me a little confused – it seemed like Rick knew that he couldn’t trust the Gov to leave them alone if he gave up Michonne but at the same time he seemed to wonder if maybe he would leave them be.

He might be close to his breaking point but I can’t believe Rick would fall for the Gov’s promises and I don’t want to believe he’d sacrifice Michonne.

Once again, it will be a long week, waiting to see what happens next.