Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Day in the Life of the Island King

I spent the day working with the Island King not long ago and as we were leaving the house I decided that I wanted to document what he does all day.

The day started with a stop for gas.

Followed by a long drive out to Seaside. 

By now, he's getting a little irritated at me for constantly taking his picture. 

Because I'm a bear poker by nature his displeasure just made it more fun for me. 

Our next stop was a convenience store because he forgot batteries for his flash. 


His first job was a condo in Seagrove Beach. We enjoyed the view for a minute


And then it was time for him to go to work. 

This is where he tells me that if I don't get out of the way, he'll never finish. 

Back out to enjoy the view I go. 

We have two kinds of Ospreys here and I love to watch both. 

A short while later he finished his shoot and we were off to the next one. 

We got to Rosemary Beach a little early so we parked next to a tree and hung out with this guy for a while. 

Once his next shoot started I wandered around Rosemary Beach, soaking up the scenery and then showed back up to bother him a little more. 

As soon as that shoot was over it was time for him to change hats and go to his second job. 

His job this night is to drive the truck and trailer out to the beach so his brother has a place to empty the beach sifter. 

I love the being on the beach as the day fades and night settles in. 

Dinner was a sub sandwich, eaten next to the truck. 

By about 9pm he was ready to head for home.

They finished about 10 and he was happy to be heading home and even happier that I would no longer be chasing him with the camera. 

It was an interesting day/night and even though I had fun bugging him with the camera I was ready to go home too.

It may have been a long day but he's extremely blessed to have the jobs he has.

You can't beat that view.
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