Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Fool's

The Youngest Island Boy was really looking forward to April Fool’s Day. He plotted and planned but unfortunately for him, most of his ideas were immediately shot down.

“No, we aren’t going to hide your sister’s car”

“No, we aren’t going to move your Uncle’s tractor in front of the warehouse gate and then hide the key”

“No, you can’t rig red koolaid to come out of the shower head when your brother takes a shower”

He was disappointed but couldn’t seem to come up with a prank that wouldn’t get him into trouble.

Late that afternoon the Island King and I ran out to check on one of our geocaches and I forgot about April Fool’s Day.

Until we got home.

I came in through the garage, which meant walking through the laundry room into the kitchen.

Immediately I noticed something different.

Why is the wall in the laundry room so bare? Was there something on the wall that’s now missing?

And then it hit me.

The door was gone. The door that is usually open, hiding most of the wall.

Both of the boys were standing in the kitchen watching me and I asked where the door was.

“We don’t know what you’re talking about” “Why don’t you go into your room and change into your comfie clothes?”


I walked around the corner and to my amazement – every single interior door was gone.

Every single one of them.

My busy little beavers had removed all of the doors and stacked them in the bathtub behind the shower curtain.

“April Fool’s” they chanted with glee.

I figured I’d been got, had a good laugh and then told the boys to put the doors back.

A few minutes later the Oldest came to ask me why one of the doors wouldn’t close right.

I took one look and realized what had happened.

They didn’t know about popping the pin out of the hinge and removing the door so they unscrewed the actually hinge plates and took them off with the doors.

I got my own April Fool’s laugh when I showed them how easy it is to pop the pin and slide the door in and out of the hinge.

It took them about an hour to put all of the doors back on and I couldn’t resist telling them it would only have taken 10 minutes if they hadn’t unscrewed the hinge plates.

All in all, I’d say the whole trick worked for both of us.  
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