Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Egg Hiding Gone Wrong

Every year, when Easter rolls around and it’s time to hide the eggs, I go into geocaching mode.

My kids are long past me scattering eggs around the yard and them running to pick them up so I try and hide the eggs really well.

But something went wrong this year and my egg hiding turned into a big ole mess.

I hid a few relatively easy eggs in palm trees and bushes but then moved in for the difficult hides.

My first target was a hole up in an oak tree. I knew none of the kids were tall enough to reach up and grab it so I figured that just added to the challenge. You’ve found it – now figure out how to get it.

Impressed with myself I wandered around the yard looking for another good hiding spot.

Which is when I noticed a small pipe sticking up out of the ground. I’ve never noticed this before and made the mistake of “assuming” it was a shallow pipe.

I dropped an egg into the pipe.

Clink, clink, clink, clink ~ thunk.

Uh oh. This pipe is DEEP and the egg I just dropped down there is almost the same size as the pipe.

Which means if this pipe is important, I’ve just clogged it.

As I’m contemplating what I’ve just done my sister announces the eggs are hidden and the kids are coming outside.

I enjoyed watching her kids and mine hunt the eggs but I couldn’t get that potentially clogged pipe out of my head.

The kids were all running around and the Oldest Island Boy saw the egg up in the tree.

He stood up on his tiptoes and was just able to touch it but  unfortunately, that knocked it a little farther back in the hole.

My BIL walked over and the Oldest asked for his help.

So he reached up into the hole and knocked the egg even farther back.

It took forever for him to get that egg out.

And of course everyone wanted to know who’s brilliant idea it was to put the egg in there.

The Oldest ratted me out by giving me a look that everyone else recognized.

Ok, it was me. But I didn’t know the hole went so far back into the tree.

And speaking of holes, it was time to show Dad the clogged pipe.

We walked around there, and to my credit, he was as surprised as I was at how deep it is.

He thinks it’s from an old faucet that used to be there years ago and is no longer connected to anything.

We hope.

The good news is that if something in the house clogs up soon he’ll know what the problem is and won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to find a yellow Easter egg stuck in the bottom of a pipe.

The bad news is, no one wants me to participate in the egg hiding next year.

Which is ok with me. 
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