Attacked by a Blue Crab

I wanted to make a Youtube video on cleaning a blue crab so after we checked our traps the Island King grabbed the video camera and I went into I’m going to clean this crab mode.

Except, this was no ordinary crab.

Blue crabs tend to be aggressive when you mess with them but this one was just over the top.

I tried to snip his pincer and he went after my snippers in rapid fire motion, causing me to lose control of him, chase him, catch him and then start over.

I dropped him back into the bucket, waited for the Island King to stop laughing and then stuck my tongs down into the bucket to grab him again.

And out he came – with a knife!

I have never had a crab pull a knife on me before.

As if his razor sharp pincers aren’t enough, now he’s got a knife.

Before I realized what was happening he swung his other claw around, grabbed the tongs and tried to disarm me.

I don’t know why I didn’t drop him back into the bucket and regroup but once he pulled the knife, all bets were off and I was determined to take him down.

The Island King filmed the whole debacle and later, watching the video, I realize that wasn’t the smartest thing to do.

My sweet husband, bless his heart, said he never stopped filming because he figured a video of me getting stabbed by a knife wielding blue crab would go viral.

Who could resist “Woman stabbed with fishing knife by Blue Crab?”

I’d love a viral video but in the end I’m really glad the crab didn’t get me. Can you imagine? Being stabbed in the eye with a fork and being cut by a crazed crab?

That’s too weird – even for my life.