My Son the Swamp Wader

A while back the Youngest Island Boy came home with a pair of wading boots that his grandfather bought him.

He is so proud of these boots and I’ve noticed that every time he goes off with my dad he takes the boots with him.

But then the other day Dad asked me to download the pictures and video from his phone onto my computer. Once I looked at the pictures and watched the video everything became clear.

He bought waders for my son so he could tromp out into the swamp, grab a geocache and then return it.

So he’s sending my kid out into the swamp and up into trees while he stands up on dry ground?

When I confronted him he defended himself by saying that the waders are useful for other things too.

Like sending the Youngest through a big mud puddle to see it if’s too deep for the truck to drive through.

Can you believe that?

He asked if I was mad and I told him that absolutely I’m mad - mad that I didn’t think of it first.

After watching the video I can definitely see the advantage to him traipsing through the swamp for me and he'll be bringing his waders when he goes off with me too.