Sunday, July 28, 2013

License Plates

My friend Chris started posting pictures of license plates from different states on FB and not too long after that she took a road trip with her sons from PA to Fl.

One night, during her trip, I dreamed she was Ma Barker. Her and the boys were on a wild trip to Florida and they were stealing license plates along the way.

The house Ma Barker and her sons were killed in was on the market a while back so maybe that’s why I dreamed Chris was on a Ma Barker license plate stealing spree.

As for how I put her and Ma together? Well, you’d just have to know her.

Ever since then I’ve been paying attention to license plates.

I was at Harbor Walk last week for the Vince Vance and the Valients show and I was walking through the parking lot I noticed that every car on the row I was on had a different plate.

So I pulled a Chris and started snapping pictures.

Who was at Harbor Walk?

Folks from Alabama











That was just one row!

I wanted to spend some time wandering through the parking lot but I didn’t want to miss Vince Vance and I was starting to feel a little stalkerish by stopping and taking pictures of the cars I was passing.

Not as bad as Ma Barker but still a little odd.
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