Messing With Cell Phones

Last Sunday we were at a party at my parent’s house and the Island King and I were outside by ourselves for a minute and there, lying on a table, was my sister’s cell phone.

It was starting to rain so he picked it up and was going to take it inside when the screen came alive on the text message page.

Which is when the devil child in me took over and I had an idea.

My brother in law wasn’t there so I told the Island King to send him a text saying “You suck”

I really like to poke at my BIL so I thought the idea was a good one. The Island King thought so too and he sent the text.

We waited a minute thinking we’d get a response but nothing came in so we sent him another one saying “U a little b****”

By this time the two of us were laughing hysterically at the thought of BIL’s face when the texts came in and then the rain moved in and we ran inside.

He put the phone on the table, people started arriving and we forgot about it.

Until about half an hour later when I asked my sister if she’d heard from her husband.

She said no and I asked if she was sure he hadn’t sent her a text.

She pulled out her phone to look and IT WASN’T THE PHONE WE’D BEEN MESSING WITH!

I went running to find the Island King, pulled him aside and told him that the phone we’d messed with wasn’t my sister’s phone.

“Who’s phone was it?”

“I don’t know!”

The two of us were torn between horrified and absolute hysterical laughter. What have we done? And who did we do it to?

We started to wander through the people who were there – trying to get a look at their phones and it wasn’t long before my Dad walked into the kitchen and put his phone on the counter.

The same phone we’d messed with outside.

Oh No!!!

We went running into the bathroom, shut the door and tried to decide what to do.

Who did we send the text to? Should we tell him?

I knew it would be hard to tell him because I knew he’d be mad at the invasion of privacy and I also knew that I still thought the whole thing was hysterical and wouldn’t be able to say I’m sorry without cracking up.

An apology from people who are laughing so hard they can barely stand up usually isn’t received well.

As a disclaimer – we did not snoop – the text screen was open and we just sent a reply to the last person he’d gotten a text from. We did not read his texts or look through the phone at all.

A few minutes later I walked into my Mom’s room and standing there, holding her cell phone, is the Island King.

“What are you doing? Haven’t you learned anything today?”

He tells me he saw her phone and checked it – hoping the texts we’d sent went to her and not one of Dad’s friends.

Right about then my sister walked in, saw us with Mom’s phone and wanted to know what we were doing.

I explained the situation to her and to my surprise she didn’t find any of it funny. How dare we touch her phone – or anyone else’s for that matter – and how dare we send her husband ugly texts!

Off she stomped into the kitchen so I followed her and of course Mom wanted to know what was going on.

I knew my sister would not hesitate to tell so I jumped in first and told Mom everything.

Her face turned this odd shade of purple and she angrily informed me that my father had been texting about some business matters and what if we sent the texts to one of those people?

I’m pretty sure my face went corpse white and all I could think about was the fact that my father was going to blow a major gasket.

Right about then the Island King comes in the kitchen and tells us that the texts went to Mom’s phone and that he’d deleted them. He’d then gotten Dad’s phone and deleted the outgoing texts.

Only Dad came in as he was telling us this and then we had to tell him the whole story.

Mom, Dad and my sister all stood there glaring at us and then burst into ugly tirades about invasion of privacy and messing with other people’s stuff.

The adult in me felt really bad but the child in me still thought the whole thing was funny, especially since we didn’t send ugly texts to Dad’s business associate.

I knew better than to laugh and of course my husband stood there not saying a word.

They finished their tirades and we hightailed it outside - where we both laughed until we cried.

Yes, I know it was an invasion of privacy and yes I know we were behaving like children but I just couldn’t stop laughing.

A little later everyone at the party was sitting outside and my Mom told them what we’d done.

Most of them thought it was funny – because it didn’t happen to them – but I did notice that all cell phones stayed put away and completely out of sight.

On our way home that night we were talking about it and both agreed that we won’t be messing with anyone else’s phone – ever again.

The saddest part of the whole debacle is that I still can’t help giggling every time I think about it.