My Life Has Turned Into Groundhog Day

Mondays and I don’t mix. Never have, probably never will.

For some reason anything and everything that can go wrong will on a Monday. And I’ve noticed that other people are particularly pissy with me on Mondays - even if I’m smiling and accommodating.

I thought 2013 was going to be a great year because 13 is my lucky number but since this year started I’ve had more than one Monday per week. I tried postponing Monday’s but that didn’t work. I’m guessing the Monday stuff is stored for me somewhere out there in the great beyond, just waiting for me to surface.

This week Monday showed up, ugly as usual, and then Tuesday followed, pretending to be Monday, throwing poop at me and putting difficult people in my path.

I was optimistic about Wednesday but Wednesday was actually worse than Monday and Tuesday combined.

Thursday morning came and I just knew that if it wasn’t a good day, at least it wouldn’t be as bad as Wednesday.


It’s Thursday night and here’s the run down:

A kid slammed a door, which scared a cat who tried to jump on my lap and missed causing this

I have a cat claw puncture wound on the same leg that has gotten infected

I slammed my toe this afternoon and it’s now purple and the size of Rhode Island

My husband, bless his heart, rescued a rat from a snake’s cage because the snake wasn’t hungry and the rat was sitting in the corner, terrified, with no food or water for almost a week.

And by rescued I mean the rat is now in an aquarium in my living room.

Not a mouse - a RAT.

The Youngest Island Boy is over the moon excited and they’ve got big plans for the permanent cage they’re going to get for him tomorrow.

I was also hit by not one but two mental Cat 5 hurricanes this week.

My life has become the movie Groundhog Day. 13 may be my lucky number but 2013 is definitely not.