I Can Not Believe We Got Lost in Timberlake AGAIN

After our last geocaching adventure, the owner of the cache we never found, Beachbumx2, read my blog and found the fact that we drove in circles for hours as funny as we did.

She knows the trails we were on well and it wasn’t long before she sent me a message on FaceBook telling me that our driving in circles had inspired her and she’s placed a new cache out in the middle of where we were lost.

She filled the ammo can with things to help get unlost and things to do while lost and then wrote You Are Here on top of the cache.

Her son, Lil Bum, has put out a series of caches called Hey Cacher, You Lost? and this is the newest addition.

Hey Cacher, You Lost? Driving for Hours in Circles   GC4K13M

She even included the breadcrumb trail picture showing our hours of driving in circles.

I knew immediately that was the cache I wanted to find as my 900th cache but life got in the way and it wasn’t until last night that the Island King and I got out there.

It was dark and raining and while he wasn’t pleased he was happily humoring me.


I still needed to grab 3 other caches first in order for Driving in Circles to be my 900th find.

We picked up a quick grab-n-go before heading into the woods. One down, two to go.

I’d picked two easy caches for us to grab that were very close to the new cache so into the woods we went.

Funny how everything looked familiar.

We got to the next cache, which is at an intersection of two small roads, signed the log and were back in the truck in minutes.

The next one on the list is off a small trail we’d been on before so we had no trouble getting to where we needed to be, parked and made the short trek into the woods.

I spotted the cache pretty quick, signed the log and then both of us hurried back to the truck to get out of the rain.

Well, we thought we were hurrying back to the truck.

The cache was only about 100 feet from where we’d parked the truck but after hiking along for a while both of us agreed that we should have reached the road by now.

We’re shining our flashlights through the woods, hoping to spot a glint off the truck but all we see is rain and more woods.


This is the second time I’ve followed my husband around in circles in less than a week.

I’m really beginning to doubt his navigational ability.

We finally stumble onto the trail we know the truck is on but we’ve been walking in circles for a while now and aren’t sure which direction the truck could be.

Both of us said “This way” at the same time and of course we were pointing in opposite directions.

I realize that I have spent at least ¼ of my life lost (it took me three hours to get home from a grocery store that was 10 minutes from my apartment in Miami) but I also realize that I’ve been following the Island King around in circles for long enough and I think the truck is this way so off I go.

He decides to follow me and after a while we rounded a bend and there it sat.

Good grief. That was supposed to be a quick find.

We were quickly running out of time but I was determined to grab that final cache so off we went.

We drove straight to the right spot and then followed the GPS directly to the cache.


We found a Hey Cacher, You Lost? cache in no time flat but wandered around looking for our truck for a LONG time at a previous cache – which is also owned by Beachbumx2 and Lil Bum.

A look at our breadcrumb trail brought another good belly laugh when we got home.
The yellow line is what it looks like when you lose your truck.

We just found a small cache in the middle of the woods but we can’t find a truck on a trail?

I don’t mind being lost – in fact I’ve come to enjoy it and almost every lost event leads to an adventure. But I’m going to spray reflective paint all over the truck tomorrow.

I don’t mind not finding a cache but not finding the truck is never good.