Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Tires and A License Plate Tailpipe

We were cleaning up a pile of junk in the back corner of the yard the other day and as the Island King tossed stuff out into the yard to be sorted I saw a tire up against the fence. A tire on a rim.

And it hit me like a ton of bricks. He has been driving on his spare ever since the rusted lug nut incident!

Granted the spare is the same size as the other tires so it wasn’t like he was driving around on one of those little donut spares but he has been driving around with no spare since September of 2012!

That is almost an entire year. A year of I don’t know how many miles and a lot of 4wheeling deep in the woods.


He’s a man and it’s his truck so I assumed he’d fixed that – a year ago.

So I tell him that he’s got to handle that and he tells me he will.

The very next day he was gone on several photo shoots and got home late in the afternoon.

He brought some stuff inside, walked back outside and then started calling me.

It seems that he got home, parked and all of the air went out of the tire.

I’m still amazes that it happened in our driveway because our luck just doesn’t run that way.

He admits that his other 2 tires are on their last leg as well and off to the tire store he goes.

He returned with 4 brand new tires that cost more than his truck is worth. We now own a bucket of rust with 4 fancy tires under it – and a spare.

After he gets home he tells me that now that he has new tires he wants to fix his muffler.

The pipe was broken and it was so loud I swear you could hear that truck coming from a mile away. People turn and stare when you come down the road kind of loud.

He was outside working on the truck and when he finished he called me and showed me what he considers the best idea he’s ever had.

He’s fixed his muffler with an old car tag and $2.98 worth of C-clamps.

And it worked!

His truck is almost silent now. I was skeptical but it really did work.

He did mention that it might get knocked off in the woods but that he can always fix it again for $2.98.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…
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