Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tree Cutting

We spent Thursday at my parent's house, cutting down a dead tree.

The Island King loves to use his chainsaw so he was a happy camper but Mom and I were a little on the nervous side. They leaned an extension ladder against the dead tree and then the Island King climbed up to cut off sections of the tree.

The tree was wobbling, the ladder was wobbling and we were pretty sure things were not going to end well.

It didn't look like that tree was going to hold him but it did and between him cutting and Dad and the boys pulling the cut pieces away from the house nothing landed on the roof.

After the tree was down, Dad wandered around the yard, having the Island King cut down different branches that block the view from the living room.

It was so funny to watch because the exact same thing happens at my house. The chainsaw comes out and men lose their minds.

Mom kept saying “Stop that, you're cutting down my shade” and Dad just kept telling the Island King to cut more.

It's like men turn into beavers when you put a chainsaw in their hands and all they can think of is destroying everything in sight.

My Amazing Aunt lives next door so the boys walked over to her yard to see if she had anything that needed cutting. Her son has a REALLY bad track record with chainsaws so anytime something needs cutting in her yard we try to help out so Stumpy doesn't have a reason to go near anything sharp.

She had a dead limb hanging over her patio and the Oldest Island Boy said he wanted to cut it “like a real man” - with a hand saw.

He worked on it for quite a while and did very well but when he got to the center of the oak and hit pure hardwood it was time to call in the big guns and the Island King finished it off with the chainsaw.

The boys knocked the work out in short time so we had plenty of time for a Chic-fil-a picnic and some hanging out time with Mom, Dad and my cousin The Pie Lady.

Yard work is so much more pleasant with family and when the yard you're working in looks like this.

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