Monday, October 14, 2013

Kayaking on the Blackwater River

Last week we decided to spend Saturday in our kayaks on the Blackwater River.

The Blackwater is the only pristine sand river left in the US and is so unique that the State of Florida purchased and designated it as a State Forest.

The river is about 2 ½ feet deep – with some deeper spots in the middle and along the outside edges of the river bends. It's slow moving current makes it perfect for kayaking and swimming.

There are about 12 geocaches hidden along a 9 mile stretch of the river so the Island King, the Oldest Island Boy, my Dad, our friend the Librarian and I drove up to the North end of the county, put the kayaks in the river and off we went.

We picked a perfect day and hit the water about 10 that morning.  

The pure white sand is deposited on the inside bends of the river forming perfect beaches along the river's edge.

It's so quiet and peaceful up there that paddling along seemed almost magical. 

At least until your husband gets on his cell phone. 

We stopped every once in a while to hunt a geocache but that was rough. We were dressed for swimming, which is not the kind of clothes you should be wearing when bushwacking through thorns, vines and downed trees.

I was so glad we had the Librarian with us - that woman will stick her hands in places none of us ever would - and she always pulls her hand back out and says "I shouldn't have put my hand in there!"

We all ended up scraped and scratched and didn't find most of the caches we looked for but when you're spending the day in a place like this it's about the journey - not the number of caches you find. 

We made it to the pull out spot right about sunset, tired and stiff but completely relaxed. Paddling down that river is an incredible stress reliever. 

I can't wait to go back!
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