Our Non-Hurricane Hurricane Party

Well Karen pooped out and we ended up having a beautiful Friday and Saturday.

Everyone at my house was disappointed because while big hurricanes are no fun – tropical storms are.
And they wanted to eat the hurricane party snacks I'd bought.

We finally got a nice, rainy day on Sunday so we camped in front of the tv, watched the Saints beat the bears - whoohoo! - and then had a mini version of our typical hurricane party.

I managed to save some snacks so we got them out and then sat down to play Clue and Where in the US is Carmen Sandiego.

I laughed so hard at the Island Girl and Cruella DeVille (I'm not being mean – that's his choice for a nickname) because they immediately got out notebooks and started keeping notes on suggestions made so they could win Clue.

The Island King tried keeping notes the first game, got himself confused, guessed wrong and was out of the game.

The Oldest Island Boy sat back in disgust and said “Great. I've been reading his notes so I thought I had the right answer too. I cheated off the dumb kid's page!”

After his note taking failed he decided that he could use his third eye to see what cards were in the envelope.

 Turns out his third eye isn't any better than his note taking skills because he was wrong again.

It was a fun way to spend Sunday evening, even if the rain had stopped hours ago.

Karen was a disappointment but that's a lot better than her being a monster so I'm not complaining.