Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tropical Storm Karen or Not

Tropical Storm Karen has messed up the entire weekend and she isn't even close to landfall and is being downgraded by the minute to what amounts to a thunderstorm.

Thursday afternoon Destin canceled the Seafood Festival scheduled for this weekend because even though Karen isn't forecast to be much more than a thunderstorm, people tend to not got to festivals in driving rain and 40mph winds.

I like this kind of storm so I happily headed to the grocery store and stocked up on all kinds of snacks and tasty food to eat while we were all cooped up in the house.

Friday morning came with bright sunny skies, a gentle surf and not a hint of rain.

Ok. No problem. Our party will happen on Saturday.

Except that now it looks like it won't happen until Sunday – if it happens at all.

Hurricane party snacks are not beach snacks but at this point it looks like we might be spending Sunday at the beach instead of having a hurricane party. Not to mention the fact that we're having trouble saving our snacks in case Karen does actually arrive.

And I have to wonder if Karen misbehaving like this will cause bad ju-ju. Everyone I know is grumbling about the storm that wasn't, which makes me wonder about that whole watch what you wish for thing.

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